“No man in his right senses should walk down the aisle with a woman above 30” – Man says as he names them worthless

An antifeminist has taken to his Twitter page to give his realistic justifications why 30 years plus women are not a sufficient fit for men to tie the knot with.

The Twitter user, @Shadaya, revealed on his post that 30 years old women must have had 12 years of sexual experience if they commenced having sex from the legal age which is 18.

He took his time to evaluate the number of men she must have been with and as well the number of sex she must have engaged in.

This regardless renders her a misfit for a young man but only good for men above the age of 40 years old who are divorced, widowed or seeking second wives.

Shadaya then summarized his long speech by categorically noting that men who oppose his viewpoint and do contrary to what he had tweeted are compared to one who buys a public bus and attempts privatizing it.

Read his post below:

30-year-old woman sexual experience
30-year-old woman sexual experience

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