“My landlord served me a quit notice because of the way I dress” – Lady cries out

A Twitter user recognized by her Twitter handle @Toritse has cried out after her landlord served her a quit notice, just because he doesn’t like or welcome the way she dresses.

The lady who associated the act with the problem of gender imbalances and discriminations against women acknowledged that despite the battle and exhibitions that have been put in a position to limit gender imbalance in the world, the typical man has stayed determined and remorseless.

Read her posts below:

“Because my landlord has an issue with the way I dress he is bringing my quit notice

I hate that no matter how much we fight for equality online, the average man is still a misogynistic piece of sh*t

I’m just upset because I know it’s not fair and I really shouldn’t be treated this way”

See the tweets below:

Landlord Dress Quit Notice

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