Popular Kenyan musician buys his coffin in preparation for his burial

A well-known Kenyan singer, Philip Ptaroba Okoyo, a.k.a Japanese has surprised his devotees after he bought a coffin ahead of his burial.

The young flamboyant artiste brought to his Instagram page on Saturday, March 27, 2021, to make a post where he was seen striking a pose with his coffin. Philip said that he cares about his devotees so much that he bothers about the expense of being buried when he finally dies.

So, to lessen the workload and struggle for his special enthusiasts to cover up for his funeral expenses, he had to buy his coffin.

Read what he wrote below;

“Bought myself a coffin, just in case nikufe msisumbuliwe na till number,”

Though, his followers are not taking his words reasonably, as they have instructed him several times to watch his questionable statements about death as the words of the mouth are influential and could come true.

While some are indicating that his coffin is too cheap and could be paid for by his lovers even if he does today.

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