Shade Ladipo boasts about taking back the laptop and phones she bought for her ex-boyfriend

Famous Media personality, Shade Ladipo took to Instagram to applaud herself for being wise enough to retrieve back the gifts like the laptop and phone she purchased for her ex-boyfriend.

As the trending conversation proceeds “men taking back gifts from their exes” blossoms, Shade Ladipo has acknowledged herself as being petty to pull such an act.

She has taken to her Insta stories to say how she grabbed back the gifts from her exes as a way of announcing that it doesn’t refer to men alone.

Shade Ladipo, alleged to have taken back her iPad, laptop, and almost collected back a phone she acquired for her ex-boyfriend.

In her words she said, for not being able to buy more gifts for her, did additional spending in the relationship, which makes her have every privilege to affirm those gifts.

Shade Ladipo ultimately applauds herself for being too smart to think and operate like this even before the controversy of this viral conversation online.

Read her post below:

Shade Ladipo laptop ex-boyfriend

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