“That is so sweet of you” – Reno Omokri’s wife answers devotee who called her husband ‘my crush’

The wife of former Nigerian presidential aide, Reno Omokri has taken to her husband’s Instagram page to address a supporter who called Reno her crush.

The devotee while remarking on Reno’s post, refered to him as “My crush”.

Reno took a screenshot of the woman’s response and posted it as different posts. The inscription of the post was signed off by Reno’s wife.

In reply to the devotee, Reno’s wife explained that she has access to Reno’s social media accounts. She also declares openly that she assesses all history posts as well as sees all the messages women send to him.

Read what she wrote below:

“Dear @annie_anne 25,

Aww! That is so sweet of you. My husband and our four children really appreciate your show of affection.

(I read all my husband’s posts, comments, and DMs and I love all the fans that express love for him, including those who DM him nice photos). Mrs. Reno Omokri.”

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