“Pete Edochie always beats and cheats on his wife” – Family friend claims

A Nigerian man took to Twitter to involve Pete Edochie in-home chaos and frequently cheating on his wife.

@chydec took to Twitter to publish the messes that the wife of popular actor, Pete Edochie has suffered in her marriage.

Remember that Pete Edochie has been attacked mercilessly by many Nigerians. Because of his viewpoint and notion about married women and their cheating husbands.

He supports that it is not in the culture of African for women to leave their husbands all because he cheats.

Though, as the calling out proceeds on Twitter, @Chydec has made a stunning disclosure of what had happened in the Veteran actor’s union.

Read the impression on Twitter below;

“Men should beat their wives into submission”– Pete Edochie

Responding to this post;

@chydec who alleged his late mother was a colleague to the actor’s wife disclosed how Pete Edochie hits his wife until his sons intervene and also cheated shamelessly with other women before he retired.

View post below;

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