“Show off your scars, people! They’re part of your life story.” — Kechi Okwuchi says as she posts current pictures.

Popular motivational speaker Kechi Okwuchi, one of the two survivors of the Sosoliso plane crash on December 10, 2005, and a finalist at the 2017 America’s Got Talent have instructed social media users to show off their ‘scars’.

“Show off your scars, people! They’re part of your life story. Still on this ‘fit, yupppp! Full-length for those who asked- and those who didn’t.”

This came after she commemorated 15 years of surviving the plane crash that killed 107 people.

Kechi took to social media to post lovely pictures, to remember her friends and rededicate her life to the vow she made. Captioning the picture, read what Kechi wrote below:

Today is the 15th anniversary of my accident, the Sosoliso plane crash of 2005.

Every year on this day, I rededicate my life to the promise I made, to live for those who passed away that day, especially my school mates, the 60 Angels, and their loved ones they left behind so suddenly.

This year, many of us had plans that were derailed, hopes that were crushed… loved ones that were lost. This year, I am harshly reminded that life and death are 2 sides of the same coin, and that it is truly through God’s grace that we are on this side of the coin right now.

Today, I am extremely humbled by the simple gift of life and health.

As I continue to live for myself, for the angels and for their loved ones, I will also live with the intent to appreciate every new day as it comes, and to truly live in the present.

Rest In Peace, angels 🙏🏼

Kindly Shsre

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