“You’re not a big girl if you don’t borrow your man money” – Bobrisky alleges

Ambiguous male Barbie, Bobrisky, blasts ladies who call themselves big girls but gives no monetary assistance to their men in struggling times.

The self-acclaimed ‘richest ashewo‘ explained that ladies are supposed to own two cars; one should be for leisure and the other one for their business as an indication of being a hard-working person.

Saying further, Bobrisky pointing against trying times, said that men need monetary assistance from their women, and a woman who cannot give such is not eligible to be called a big girl.

Read his post below,

“One car is the one you buy with your own hustle!! And your second car is the one you get from your rich boyfriend,” 

"You're not a big girl if you don't borrow your man money" - Bobrisky claims

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