”My Manhood suffers alot because of the clothes i wear” – Crossdresser, Princess James Brown

Popular Nigerian Crossdresser, James Brown Obialor, has disclosed that his manhood nurtures a lot of pain because of the type of dress he has to don as a consequence of cross-dressing.

The self-acclaimed ‘Princess of Africa’ in an interview with Legit. ng revealed that he practically opened up on some circumstances about his life as a crossdresser.

The Instagram phenomenon explained that he goes by two different names: James and Jane. He explained that James symbolizes his masculine nature while Jane is committed to the feminine character.

Duringi the interview, James mentioned that he’s into women because his manhood still works faultlessly.

He also acknowledged that his manhood does not earn him money as it withstands a lot because of the kind of dresses he has to put on.

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