Lady recounts how she nearly gave her life to Christ on her way to see her boyfriend

A Nigerian Lady @CrystabelKelsey on Twitter tells how she nearly gave her life to Christ on her way to see her boyfriend.

CrystabelKelsey had booked a Taxify to go and meet her boyfriend, unfortunately for her, the driver was extremely religious as he played an Igbo worship song that made her shed tears.

She was worshiping God, weeping and sniffing, and couldn’t proceed with her journey to see her boyfriend.

The Taxify driver took her back home at her plea. She came down, went inside her room, and continue praying.

After she was pleased with her soul and the way she prayed ceaselessly, she stood up.

Without wishing for anything to divert her direction, she prepared again and still booked another ride to see her boyfriend the same day.

Read her post below,

“Just remembered the day I ordered Taxify to go see man. The driver was playing Igbo worship songs. I sang along.

Next thing, I was crying and sniffling. Told the driver to please take me back. Got home, played more songs, and prayed. Sha ordered another ride to the man’s house later that day”

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