Groom reply after being condemned for putting on jeans & dashiki to his white wedding (pictures)

A newlywed, Conam-Moses Orseer Anyamikegh from Benue state donned a Fulani Dashiki shirt over a pair of jeans to his wedding while his bride was attired in a full-length gown.

Talking on Sunday as responses roamed his wedding dress, the Benue State University graduate explained that what he donned does not analyze how their union would be like.

Read his words below,

 “It’s a Sunday, a day after our wedding, and we are full of Thanksgiving! To God we return all glory, to men of goodwill we say thank you!,” he wrote.

“One thing I (The Husband) would say is, the wedding has come and gone. The varying opinions and debates about my simple outfit does not define how our marriage would be.

“There has never been a perfect wedding nor marriage, but when two hearts agree to accommodate their imperfections like we have done, there’s very little wedding suits or gowns can do to change that resolve

“We love all of you and God bless all of you for being part of our big day. My wife and I are grateful, cheers!”

View pictures below:

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