“No man on earth can ever cheat on Nengi” — Lawyer, Otunba proclaims

A lawyer and political activist, clearly known as Otunba, has revealed that no breathing man on planet Earth can ever cheat on Nengi no matter what happens.

Otunba revealed this via his Twitter post. He said that the reality star is attractive and seductive, so it is logically unthinkable for a man to cheat on her.

Read what he tweeted below,

“There’s no guy on earth that can ever cheat on Nengi sha, damn Fire”

Otunba declares

The tweet has produced different responses on social media, with people insisting that men have betrayed women more glamorous and desirable than Nengi.

Read some reactions below,

@Mr_olonade wrote,

“Her boyfriend literally dumped her after BBN. I admire Nengi to the 7th heaven, but there are many more premium babes leagues above Nengi in Lagos alone.”

@Ijeoma_Rita4UK wrote, “Yinmu!! Abeg rest, no dey misyarn.. A cheating man will definitely cheat..”

@Yonela876 wrote, “You can be the most prettiest, sexiest girl but they still find a way to cheat.”

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