Nigerian man condemned to death for peddling 4 kg of meth

A 45-year-old Nigerian man recognized as Ekwegbalu James Nzube has been condemned to death by a court in the southern Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam, for pushing approximately four kilograms of methamphetamine from Cambodia.

Nzube, who was sentenced on Tuesday, March 2, disclosed that he came across another Nigerian, Jone, in China in 2014, who employed him to convey drugs from Cambodia to Vietnam.

VN Express revealed that, Nzube came to Ho Chi Minh City before going to Cambodia to collect the drugs for which he was paid $2,000. But while illegally passing over the border into Vietnam last July he was arrested by border patrols in Tay Ninh Province.

They discovered four plastic bags with almost four kg of meth in his backpack,

Punishments for drug violations are hazardous. Under the Vietnamese penal code, a person caught in the custody of just a tiny quantity of heroin can be punished to death. There are above two dozen foreigners presently undergoing life verdicts or encountering the death punishment for drug trafficking violations.

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