Bobrisky vows to get a modern apartment for an aged woman who professed love for him.

Popular Nigerian Barbie, Bobrisky, might be bad to some virtuously decent Nigerians but his humanitarian labors can never be concealed.

The crossdresser might be ambiguous but there’s a niche he’s gradually turning out to be a joyful giver.

A current video wherein an aged woman held a placard to declare openly her love for Bobrisky has won the notoriety of the Bobrisky and he vowed to improve the life of the old woman.

Bob guaranteed that he’ll get her a current apartment and has allegedly paid for tickets for her flight to Lagos as he announced that he wants to see the old woman in person.

Read what Bob wrote below;

can’t wait to see you and your grandma tomorrow. Mama need a new apartment in d town not dis bush, secondly mama need to be enjoying and resting at her old age now. Can’t wait to see you both in Lagos tomorrow. Check ur dm for ur ticket.

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