Cossy Ojiakor’s ex, Abel covers up a tattoo of her name on his body

Cossy Ojiakor’s ex, Abel Jurgen has covered up a tattoo of her name on his arm. 

Recall that Abel Jurgen had hinted at removing a tattoo of Cossy Ojjakor’s name from his body shortly after calling off their engagement following a fight in 2020. 

Abel who shared a photo of his arm to show the covered-up tattoo also accused Cossy of hiring people to hack his social media accounts. 

He wrote; 

After covering up some #tattoos on my body. And after months of not chatting not talking to my #ex she decided to get someone to hack my account though she couldn’t get my Instagram,Facebook and yahoo mail accounts just my gmail account and I lost almost all my contacts, though it’s cool I still got 2 more gmails accounts… #fuck #fuckmyex #ilovebeingfree

Cossy Ojiakor
Cossy Ojiakor

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