Veteran Actress, Liz Benson says she’s not a feminist as she tells women how to deal with a infidelity husband.

Veteran Nollywood actress, Liz Benson, has confessed that she’s not a feminist as she spoke her thoughts about some engaging topics, during her time of Mercy Johnson’s cooking show.

Read her words below;

On Feminism, Liz Benson had this to say: “I am not a feminist, I’m sorry to say. I just believe in the woman that I am, that God has made me to be. I believe I have an inner strength. I believe I have an inner mental ability that the other does not have. And so, I build on it, I live with it and I progress in it. Just be who God has called you, has made you to be and you won’t need the words feminism or feminist. You will see a lot of things open up for you.”

Mercy Johnson also inquired of her if moving out was the right move after apprehending a adultery husband in the act with his side chic.

Liz though had a unique impression on that as she didn’t believe it was the right choice.

She said ;

“Draw that power inside of you and treat it (the issue) in a more wise way. mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

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