Tattoo Wahala Part 2 – Bobrisky lambastes Ka3na and Nkechi Blessing Sunday for condemning devotees who draw tattoos of celebrities.

It is the era of ”Drawing tattoos in respect of celebrities” and it has been trending among some die-hard supporters of these celebrities.

Prominent star like Bobrisky, Naira Marley, Nkechi Sunday Blessing and Ka3na have all beheld their names or similarity inscribed on an enthusiastic supporter attempting to use the platform to declare love for their fave.

But, while some of these followers get a unique gratitude parcel or a reasonable social media repost from their faves, some celebrity like Nkechi and Ka3na have emphatically condemned this act.

Ka3na noted that there were other ways enthusiasts can express love and Nkechi Blessing said she won’t give money to anybody no matter the type of tattoo a follower draws in her honour.

Bobrisky has now responded to the palava and he called such stars who do not recognize their supporters, broke!!

Read his Instagram post below;

Hey! To those saying i am encouraging those who tattoo my name by giving them money is wrong.

Madam just come out and say you are broke, we will understand you. We all known all is not all that glitters on IG that are real gold.

Firstly is my money, I can give it to anyone I like. What about those ones I have helped without my picture tatoo on their body ? You were blind to talk then. If you are broke to support your own fans,well I’m not broke to support mine 😂😂😂 so get that straight in your empty skull 💀girl 😂

Those of you so called fans that are going to draw celebrity name and photo on your body, no go draw the broke ones else you do yourself.

Because the celebrity you think say get money no get kobo, na Instagram package he or she get o!!!

You know do ur assignments well you just go draw any celebrity for body haaaa na Garri you go soak 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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