This Student Beats Up Principal And Set Administrative Block Ablaze

A secondary school student has been arrested for allegedly beating up his school principal, senior disciplinary master, and set the administrative block ablaze in Bamboos, West Region of Cameroon.

The shocking incident occurred after the student wanted to leave the campus without taking proper permission from school authorities but was denied by the discipline master which led to a fight between the two.

The fight between the student and the disciplinary master called the school principal’s attention which also led to a clash between the student, the principal, and the disciplinary master.

After the chaos, the student was taken away by gendarmes but was later released after few hours.

Thereafter, the student returned to the school on the same day and set the administrative block on fire.

However, this has caused a stir online as many people concluded that the young boy is a drug addict and that is a perfect reason why he beats up the school principal, the disciplinary master, and set up the administrative block on fire.

See how people react below;

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