“I’m Not Afraid Of The EFCC, I’ve Been Scamming People Since I Was 17”, Upcoming Nigerian Artist Says

A young upcoming Nigerian artist known as NBA Geeboy took to his Instagram account to share a video that is currently going viral.

This artist has posted various videos over the past two weeks, but his recent video has gone viral and has received a lot of reactions from Nigerians.

However, NBA Geeboy told his fans that he is not afraid of the EFCC and he is not afraid of jail because he has been there several times.

In the video, he said that some of his followers caution him about the way he is posting dollar bills on his Instagram account.

Furthermore, he warned his followers not to caution him again as he does not fear the EFCC and added that he has been swindling since he was 17 and has been jailed multiple times.

As we all know, celebrities, social media influencers, and Nigerians have been warned not to flaunt their wealth online. This young artist boasts of having been involved in scams since the age of 17 and he is not afraid of the EFCC.

Nigerians reactions

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