Two Sisters Arrested For Allegedly Conniving With Assassins To Kill Their Father

Two sisters have been arrested by Nigerian Police Force for allegedly conniving with assassins to kill their father in Akwa Ibom State.

The confession of the assassins led to the arrest of two blood sisters who sent these two notorious assassins to kill their parents because they wanted to inherit their wealth.

The Akwa Ibom state police public relations officer who confirmed the arrest of the assassins and the girls at the police headquarters said the suspects were arrested after serious investigations were done when the popular politician who happened to be the father of these girls was murdered in cold blood in his home.

The man according to the police was murdered by unknown gunmen on the 15th of March 2020, and from that day investigations were been carried out for the murderers of the man to be found.

The notorious gang of assassins after series of interrogations confided that they were paid 50000 by the man’s two daughters to murder him, they said all the information that the user in entering the man’s house was given by his children.

After the confession they told the police to go and arrest the girls, the police then acting on that information given to them by the criminals went and arrested the girls and they were properly interrogated and they both accepted their crime blaming it on the devil.

They confided in how they sat on the day and planned how they should kill their ie father so that they can share his wealth.

The state police commissioner who spoke to newsmen said the children were so heartless to have done such a thing to their father not minding the consequences.

He however assured the public that the two girls will be charged to court to face their faith.

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