“Speak up for your man against ridiculous bride price or you’ll enter a marriage full of debt” – Lady urges ladies

A Nigerian lady, recognized as Thendo Sharon, took to  Twitter to instruct ladies to speak out for their husbands to be against horrible bride price.

Sharon said that, the idea of bride price is not to enrich the parents and uncles of the intending bride, so ladies should speak up if their family is soliciting for a huge bride price.

She also advised that if women do not speak out in approval of their men when they are given a huge bride price, they might enter into marriage with full of loans and debts.

She also strengthen that debts results in hardships and suffering in marriage, therefore ladies should solve the problem at the right time by speaking up in their partner’s defense.

Read her words below,

”Ladies, bride price was never meant to enrich your parents and your uncles who don’t even know your birthday.

If you don’t speak up for your man, you will enter a marriage full of loans and debt caused by your own family. Fight for your marriage!

”Debts cause divorce and a very unhealthy home with a unhappy marriage”

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