“There is power in tradition” – Native Doctor rejoices as the ‘queen mother’ blesses him with a mansion

A man, simply known as Desency Emeka Ofiaeli, newly brought to social media to commemorate after the “queen mother SOBALI” blessed him with a palatial mansion.

The traditionalist posted pictures of his modern home on Facebook and advised his supporters to join him in appreciating the gods for fulfilling their pledge to him.

Raining appreciations on the “queen mother”, read what the man wrote below;

“My brother’s and Sister’s help me to thank the Gods
I don’t suppose to show this here because some may think that am so full of my self , but ,if you tell people where you are going, tell them when you get there,
They have completed one of their promise to me, for answering their call,

The Queen mother is a great woman, she has wiped away my solo and gave me joy, she has picked me up from disturbing and make me king,

Queen of riches, mother that blesses the poor and make them rich ,mother that makes the baring woman mama ejima, mother that never discriminate, mother of all
Help me to say thank you to the Queen mother SOBALI , one of the kindest spirit ever SOBALI Igwe
Look below and see where I started and see where I am
As she has done for me so shall she do for you
E dey play E dey show

See where we started and see where we are now
The Gods of our land has fulfilled one of their promises to me for answering their call
There is power in our tradition.”

See pictures below,

Man celebrates

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