Nigerian guy who asked a girl out on Valentine’s day after 6 years of friendship, shares the answer he received from her

A Nigerian Twitter user, @CaptDanky took to his Twitter page to post his dissatisfaction feelings after his girlfriend of 6 years rejected his request to be his lover.

CaptDanky, while narrating his hurting story, noted that it was his disastrous valentine ever. He shared their WhatsApp chat on his page, and it was assumed from their conversations, that both of them have been friends for like six years.

Clearly, CaptDanky after this several years, finalized to take their courtship to the next level and declared that he’ll like to make their relationship known by their families, but the answer he received from his girlfriend, Jessica, left him heartbroken.

In reply, Jessica told him she sees him as a kid brother, and wouldn’t be able to acknowledge him. She also revealed that she was already in a serious relationship with someone else, strengthening that she will always take care of him like a kid brother.

Angry CaptDanky then anathematize her a bit before using his block button on her.

Read their chats below,

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