Kidnappers confess to the killing of a 5-year-old girl after demanding 8M from the family in Kogi State (Video)

A suspected kidnapper identified as Friday Domozu who specialized in kidnapping and killing minor has been apprehended by the Nigerian Police Force in Oganenigu, Dekina LGA, Kogi State.

The deceased identified as Farida Ibrahim Salifu was reportedly abducted in Aloko-Oganenigu, Kogi State on November 2nd, 2020 by a group of kidnappers alongside her brother who later escaped from their captivity.

The deceased
The deceased father

According to the deceased father, named Ilyas Salifu who spoke in a voice note with Lifeissues Magazine, said the kidnappers demanded the sum of 8milion naira which they were planning to send the money for her release before she was killed.

The killer

The suspect Domozu during his confession, he said:

”I am a farmer, I applied for the Nigerian Army Recruitment which I spent 5 months in the depot, during the army training, I developed a leg fraction and I was withdrawn back home”.

He continues:

This faithful day, my friend called me that they are going somewhere that I should join them and I asked where but they refused to tell me and I summoned courage and follow them.

On reaching Oganenigu in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State, they entered the victim’s house and brought out Farida (the deceased) alongside her brother, and took them away to a bush.

The following day, we communicated to the victim’s family and demanded the sum of 8 million naira which the family declined that they are poor and they can’t afford such a huge amount of money but promised to look for money for them even if it is not up to that amount.

Along the line, the deceased started complaining of a stomachache and we gave her some drugs to relieve her from the pains but the pains persisted and in the process of getting her another drug the brother escaped.

Afterward, I told my colleagues to free the girl since the brother has already escaped from our captivity but they refused and insisted until the parents pay them the ransom and she continues complaining of the stomachache until the girl eventually died.

Watch the video below

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