Man who trended after he bought his baby mama designer bags as push present discovered that baby is not his

A man trended on social media sometime last year for buying his girlfriend designer bags for giving birth to their child. Sometime in July 2020, the man wrote: “She pushed my baby out so I pushed my a** to Lenox.” Then, he was lambasted by many people who told him that he was putting the bar too high and will make women think they merit extravagance items for giving birth, and the man protected himself, explaining that his woman merited that and even more. And now, barely Six months later, the man came back to Twitter to disclosed that he might not be the father of the baby. Rashad announced that he was heartbroken and  wish to die. He further said that he wouldn’t wish this on his worst enemy. Read below; WHAT IS LIFE? I WOULD’NT WISH THIS ON MY WORST ENEMY IM HURT ASF Social media users have tried to reach out to him to check on his well-being.

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