Lady exposes conversation with swindler who attempted to defraud her of N10million

A Twitter user @ Hajaar, has taken to the platform to recount her experience with an suspected  fraudster who attempted to defraud her of 10 million naira. The lady with Twitter handle @BillionaireHajaar posted screenshots of her Instagram chat with the flaudster. The lady disclosed that, the criminal, who is a Nigerian used a sham Instagram account to post white man’s pictures to compel her to think he is a whiteman. From their conversation, the man revealed that he is a businessman that sales laptops, phones, bags, shoes, etc. He assured to give her big returns if she invests in the business. The lady, who already understood that he was a defrauder, played along with him and offered to invest N10million into the company. After much behind and forward, the “international” flaudster mailed a First Bank account for her to send the money into, which made it noticeable that he is a scammer. View the screenshots and what Hajaah wrote below, “Okay, Someone sat down, ran through Instagram and told himself, “yes, I can scam this one today”. And picked my handle. First he opened an account just two days ago. See when he made his first post(3rd slide).Then sent Hi to me. Lmao! I’m the wrong person fam! So I said okay now!” Kindly Share Related Video

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