” How I battled for my happiness” – Singer, Lil Kesh narrates

Popular Nigerian singer, Lil Kesh took to his social media page to recount how he successfully battled for his happiness. The singer while talking on how to conquer depression disclosed how he strugled to find happiness in his depressing time. Lil Kesh said that, speaking to somebody, eating healthy, and praying are the best and tested ways of conquering depression. Lil Kesh also advised his fans and supporters to constantly be good to people as they may be going through a lot despite their level. Read his words below,
“If you’re depressed talk to someone, meditate if you can, eat healthy , exercise often, get enough sleep, pray and ignore those negative voices in your head…..that was how I fought for my happiness. Fight. “Some of the richest people you know are poor on the inside, do not be fooled they also cry, mental health is real, be nice to people.” He added.
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