Man Arrested for Attempting to Have Sex with Corpse at Funeral

A 49yr old man who is identified as Big Sipiliano has been arrested by the Zimbabwe Police after attempting to have sex with a dead body.

It was reported that this happened during Melisa Mazhindu’s funeral a little after 1am on January 2 with an accomplice, who later prevented family members from intervening in the ghoulish assault.

Big Sipiliano entered the bedroom where the body of Melisa Mazhindu had been laid out and – while his companion blocked the doorway – jumped onto Melisa’s corpse and started thrusting up and down in front of the deceased woman’s shocked family.

The Mother of Melisa stated that Big Sipliano has always wanted to have sex with her 20yr old daughter for a very long time.

He told the mourners that he loved Melisa and felt sad that she died before they had sexual intercourse.

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