Sharing Your Husband/Boyfriend With another Woman, Is Act of Showing Love to Fellow Woman – Jennifer

A lady identified as Eldy Jennifer took to her social media handle to make a shocking statement.

Could it be that ladies are beginning to show love for themselves or out of desperation because of the scarcity of men?

Recall that we also had a similar report, when a lady identify as Wosilat urge women to share their men with fellow ladies.

In her opinion, she believed that a man never satisfies with one woman, so if you like it or not he must go after another woman, she then urges women to save themselves the stress and allow men to go after another woman.

Eldy Jennifer has also shared the same story on her Facebook page.

In her opinion, since we are urged to show love to fellow human beings, and give out what we love most, then sharing a man with another woman is an act of love. She then described anyone who refuses to share their man with another woman as stingy.

She posted:

Don’t Be Stingy, is Good to Share your Husband or Boyfriend with another Woman.That is how woman show love to their fellow woman

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