Friends Deny Paternity Allegation On Late Tunde Thomas’ Children, Absolves Nuru Adams

Friends of late Tunde Thomas have denied the allegations that his first wife told him her two children were fathered by FCMB MD, Mr. Nuru Adams.

Reacting to the allegations on behalf of friends of the late Mr. Thomas, Mr. Adetunji Iromini warned the public to be skeptical of a sponsored petition on change which they described as a wicked assault on Tunde’s cherished memory.

It says the allegations about the paternity of Tunde’s children with Moyo Thomas are baseless and malicious, adding they were intended to portray Tunde as an uncaring father and thereby rubbished his reputation.

Tunde is the father of the two children and Moyo never told him he was not their father as he was in touch constantly with the children, calling and having fatherly conversations with them, even at odd hours, at least twice every month from December 2017.

The last of such calls took place on Thanksgiving Day on 26th November, 2020.

Tunde visited his children in the USA in June 2018 and interacted with them unhindered after his recovery from the stroke he had earlier that year.

This, according to friends, does not paint the picture of a man who had been told he was not the father of his children as was maliciously stated in the petition and is being circulated on social media

The friends, who apologized to FCMB MD, Nuru Adams, said the unwarranted negative publicity is quite unfortunate in many ways.

“It does not augur well for the memory of the departed soul especially as we are all grieving the loss of Tunde, who was buried only on Wednesday, 30th December, 2020”.

According to Tunde’s friends, “the pictures of the children are being posted in the social media, without care and utter disregard for the human feelings at this trying period for the family”.

There would not have been any need to respond to issues raised in the petition but for the sake of posterity, and to defend the integrity of and loving memory of Tunde and his children.

Tunde was a very caring and responsible father to his two kids (Continue in the comment section). View all 117 comments

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