” You realised a life-long ambition to confirm your low self-esteem” – Woman drags young Nigerian Man for celebrating his emigration to Canada

A Nigerian man Muyiwa, who recently travelled out of the country in search of greener pastures in Canada and many people were happy for him, others condemned him and called him lazy youth.
Muyiwa took to his Twitter page to post some pictures of his new location and his bright smile shows his happiness.
Posting the pictures, read his caption below;
Goodbye Nigeria, the evil you have done is enough. But, a woman who is identified as ”Instrument of peace”, dragged the young man by saying that he finally confirmed his Low self-esteem. Read what she wrote below; I am happy for you young man-you realised a life-long ambition to confirm your low self-esteem. It took 5 tries to pass IELTS? My gosh! Canada truly got a bright student. Goodluck to Canada and thank God to Nigeria. The more of you that go out of Nigeria, the better for Nigeria.

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