“Chop and No Pay” – Ashawo Caught Beating Her Customer For Refusing to Pay Her

How can you enjoy something and refuse to pay after you have settled the price with her? Some guys are really funny, and we must expose them and make them go viral for the wrong reasons.

Nowadays prostitutes are infamous for disgracing their customers who break their word and underpay or refuse to pay them. This trend seems to have only heightened with the internet.

A hooker was sighted in an exchange of blows with her patron who refused to pay her for the services she rendered to him has gone viral on social media.

In the report that’s making rounds on Social media, a man was harassed and assaulted by a hooker after he failed to pay her for bonking her.

The man was dragged and beaten publicly by the hooker over Ghc90  and onlookers looked surprised and asked why he does not settle her to avoid the embarrassment only for the man to say he does not have the money.

Can you imagine that? It was said the ugly incident occurred on a popular street in Ghana.

Please be decent and fulfill your contracts to avoid scenes, people.

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