Am Scared, Should I Tell My Husband About Our Child Before He Finds Out Through DNA Test?

A Nigerian Lady has taken to social media to share her fears and thereby seeking advice on what to do.

According to her, her husband is planning to do a DNA test of all his children to know if they are all his.

Unfortunately, the lady cheated on his husband, his first child is not of her husband but her ex-boyfriend.

You know if the man finally goes for the DNA test, He will surely find the truth. Now the woman while writing to the blogger is asking if she should tell her husband before he finds out from the DNA result or wait for the worst.

Read Her Below:

“Gud Afternoon Joro, please keep me anon please thank you I saw on my husband iPad he has been chatting up a doctor to do a DNA test for our children.

” This shouldn’t be an issue but 1 of our children is not for my husband, I know people will start calling me hoe and bad names but it took my husband and 14 years to have our first child.

” I thought he was impotent that why took my husband and 14 years to have our first child, I thought he was impotent that why I cheated with my ex boyfriend, I don’t love my ex boyfriend or anything.

” My husband and I later had other children which I am 100% sure are for him because have already done DNA on all my children Should I confess to him first ?

” I love my husband and I have never cheated on her after that time. I hope this doesn’t break my marriage I don’t know what made him start thinking of DNA.

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