Man Got Shock Of His Life Over A Message He Found On His Wife’s Phone A Week After His Wedding

Truly, relationships are beautiful but can also become painful and hurt us when we go into a relationship with the wrong person, today we would be looking at the strange message a man found on his wife’s phone after their wedding.

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It was a sad and surprising moment as a man found some strange and heartbreaking messages on his wife’s phone.

According to the story which has been trending on social media, a man named DanielLizy had taken to social media to express his heartbreak after discovering some strange messages on his wife’s phone just a week after his wedding, according to his tweet, he said:

“ I feel so sad right now, how could this be, why me, just a week after I got married, I found some weird message on her phone after I took it to play some games

I mistakenly entered her WhatsApp and found this, please people I need your advice.”

See screenshots of WhatsApp conversation below:

According to the leaked message, a young man named Kunle could be seen talking to a lady Tola who seemed to be Daniel’s wife and asking her why she wasn’t picking her calls, although Tola had replied, telling him that she was getting married and don’t want to associate with him any longer.

Unfortunately, Kunle wasn’t ready to let go as he wanted the relationship with Tola to continue even after marriage, meanwhile, Tola had refused to do so and this led to Kunle threatening her to call off the wedding.

Although, Tola had offered to pay Kunle but he refused and left with a scary message which Tola couldn’t understand.

Well, it seems the whole issue had finally been disclosed to Tola’s newly wedded husband Daniel who felt sad after seeing the heartbreaking message and doesn’t what to do.

Well, my personal opinion and advice is for Daniel to report the whole issue to their parents in order to know how to solve the problem.

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