“Their Parents Must be Arrested” 12yrs Old Teenager Girl got Impregnated by 14yrs Old Boy and She is Proud About it

Teenage pregnancy is when a woman under 20 gets pregnant. It usually refers to teens between the ages of 15-19. But it can include girls as young as 10. It’s also called teen pregnancy or adolescent pregnancy.

A few days ago, after she revealed that she was pregnant, a 12-year-old South African girl made the headlines. With the caption ‘pregnant and proud,’ she posted the images on social media.

She and her baby daddy have now posted new pictures. The 12-year-old pregnant South African girl’s baby daddy is supposedly a 14-year-old boy who lives in her neighborhood.

People have left several comments on this post claiming that they are both too young for this even too young to be together. Through their messages, these two smashed the internet. So the comments were fine, so they were terrible.

Credit: legistpost

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