Young Nigerian-Irish man, George Nkencho shot dead in Dublin

A young Nigerian-Irish man, identified as George Nkencho was on Wednesday shot dead by an Irish Police (gardaí) in Clonee, Co Dublin.

However, it was reported that the man, aged in his mid to late 20s, threatened a person in a shop in Hartstown with a knife. About 15 gardaí responded to this incident.

The man then walked a short distance into Manorfields Estate in Clonee through a pedestrian walkway as more than 12 gardaí followed him, telling members of the public to keep clear.

The Garda Press Office later said in a statement that the man threatened the officers pursuing him with the knife.

Gardaí followed the man to his house on Manorfied Drive where the Armed Support Unit also responded.

Neighbors who witnessed the incident said the man appeared to be extremely agitated.

It is understood gardaí used less than lethal weapons on the man but he continued to act in a threatening manner.

At one point at least one garda opened fire and shot the man in his front garden. Neighbors reported hearing five shots.

Sources say the man was hit three times.

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