“Love Is Blind,” See Beautiful Lady Who Stays With Her Boyfriend In One Room That Sparked Reactions

As they say, whatever God has joined together let no man put asunder. Usually, many people find love in riches. These persons usually abandon their old lovers because they are not rich enough. They often follow sugar mummies and sugar daddies because of money. Although many people abandon their lovers because they are poor, there are a few other persons who fall in love genuinely. These persons are however hard to come by.

Presently, a picture of a young lady and her boyfriend are making a wave on social media. The said picture shows a young lady and her boyfriend in a dirty, cheap, and unkempt house. As can be seen from the picture, the young man is poor but the young girl stood by him. How she was able to maintain her relationship with her poor boyfriend has caused a stir as many Nigerians are reacting to it.

The majority thinks that the young lady is indeed one in a million. They argued that she is well brought up. They however asked God to bless their union and make the family great.

There are a few others who think differently. This category of people opined that the young lady didn’t do well. They blamed her for staying with her boyfriend when she is not legally married to him. They however asked her to go back to her parents so she could marry a rich man.

What do you think?.

Here is the picture;

Nigerians react.

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