The greatest thing that can happen to you as a man is getting married to a virgin- Nigeria man says, (check out his reasons)

Virgin is scarce to find but they are the best when it comes to marriage When I talk about Virgin I mean a real Virgin and not a fake virgin, there are so many fake virgins today, and there is also a surgery that creates a fake hymen for women.

Today I am talking about real Virgins and the word virgins don’t just apply to women, it applies to men as well Nowadays men think that they cannot remain virgins till marriage because women are the ones to remain as virgins but it is not so because in the Bible most of the men got married as Virgins Both Male and female should keep their virginity till marriage 5 benefits of marrying a Virgin One It makes you value what you have because you have not tested others so you won’t know how it feels, so many people have the zeal of going out there to look for pleasure because they know what to expect but if you haven’t made love before marriage you won’t feel like going to look for pleasure outside marriage.

Secondly, you won’t compare each other with others If both couples get married as a Virgin they won’t compare their partner with others because they don’t know what to compare them with.

Thirdly, you reduce the risk of contracting Sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases can only be contracted when you make love with too many people so if both partners get married as a Virgin they reduce the risk of transferring Sexually transmitted diseases to each other because they have not made love with anybody else but each other.

As a woman if you marry your husband as a Virgin you will trust him more and even though you were told that he is cheating on you, you will think twice about it.

Lastly, you will have rest of mind If a couple gets married as Virgins their mind will be at rest, as a woman you won’t have the feeling that one mysterious woman who has a past with your husband will show up with a child and the same applies to the men.

So it is better to keep your virginity till marriage whether you are a man or woman, by committing fornication you are taking someone else virginity and you don’t expect to get married to a Virgin when you have taken the virginity of so many people, learn to keep yourself so that you can get a Virgin as a wife or husband.

Let’s try to do the right thing and let’s do to others what we want others to do to us. If everybody in this world keeps their selves till marriage, everybody will get married as a Virgin because that is what almost everybody wants. If you read this and you are no longer a Virgin it is not too late to abstain, you can still abstain because true virginity is from the heart.

This post doesn’t say that you should not get married to nonvirgins, if you have a partner who is not a Virgin or you both are no longer virgins you can talk to each other and abstain till you get married.

Virgins are good but that doesn’t mean that nonvirgins are bad, there are some nonvirgins out there who can offer you what virgins can offer or even more, what matters is what is in the heart.

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