Burna Boy dragged to filth for lambasting Wizkid

Popular Nigerian singer Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy has cleared the air after he was dragged on twitter last night November 19 2020. The singer was made uncomfortable on Twitter by trolls, as he was confused about the whole the because his offense unknown to him The issue began after Burna Boy tweeted  his throwback days when he performed or  rehearsed live with a band back before becoming a superstar. Read what he tweeted below; “This is me in Port Harcourt rehearsing in 2012 with my “then” Band. NO BE TODAY. Burna Boy Live: Band Rehearsals https://youtu.be/FFTnBQ98q1M via @YouTube” Although Burna Boy’s tweet seemed innocent, the timing however made it seem like a shade to his colleague Wizkid who was performing live on YouTube at the time he made the tweet. Burna’s ‘NO BE TODAY’ was interpreted as him bragging that he’d been doing this way before Wizkid and that he was trying to throw the spotlight off Wizkid on his Night. Some twitter users insinuated that Burna was angry because he’d gone on his own YouTube live performance a day before but had not got as much buzz as Wizkid who was the talk of the internet when Burna made his tweet. Replying to the backlash, Burna Boy tweeted: “Na wa o! On top my own Brother again?” Later on, he seemingly tried to blame alcohol for his tweets as he wrote: “I dey mumcy birthday since dey flexx. I don drink like 10 cans of STAR like this.” Kindly Share Related Video

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