“Coming from the mouth of a full blown Lesbian” – Actress, Uche Ogbodo blasts Inem Peter for saying “women are happier without men”

Popular Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has taken to social media and lambaste her colleague Inem Peter for saying that “women are much happier without men”. It was reported that Inem Peter share a post where she wrote that women are happier without men. Inem replied Uche by saying that “men are women’s major problem”.   Inem’s post geared up reactionsfrom social media users as they trailed her comment. Uche Ogbodo is one of those who did not agree with Inem Peter’s perspectives on women being happier without men in their lives. Reacting to Inem’s post on men being the major problem of women, Uche Ogbodo noted that it is coming “from the mouth of a full blown lesbian”. Uche revealed this through the comment section of LIB when the blog posted the news on their Instagram page. Read her comment below; Uche Ogbodo blasts Inem

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