“You are nothing but a stingy man” – Lady dragged boyfriend for giving her N15K on her birthday after she spent N25K on food

A Nigerian man has shared his chat with his girlfriend who slammed him for sending her N15,000 on her birthday.
His girlfriend, Tola, was celebrating her birthday, and to show his love for her, he sent her N15,000 to buy thing for herself  for the birthday celebration. But it seems that, Tola was expecting more than N15,000 from her boyfriend who sent only 15k, so she got angry after seeing an alert of N15K.
She warned him never to call her line again, saying men like him do not support women. Read what she wrote below “You are nothing but a stingy man. I call you by your name Babatunde. Don’t you ever in your entire life ever call or contact me again. It’s men like you that will never know what’s important in a woman’s life”, . See their chat below;

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