33-year-old man with 19 children wants more children, he said they are his future source of wealth

A 33-year-old father of nineteen (19) children has revealed that he still wants more children, because he considers them to be a source of wealth in future.

Kukat Kamartum from Riong’o village, Tiaty sub-county in Baringo has three wives who live together in his dusty homestead, a home for his over 100 sheep and goats too.

In an interview at the marking of World Contraceptive Day on Sunday, September 27 2020, Kamartum disclosed that he would continue having more children to increase his chances of becoming rich in future.

Read his words below

“If you have more children you become richer. If for instance, you have 10 girls then you will get at least 10 to 15 cows per girl, there are also four camels per girl, totaling to 40, that is wealth,” he said.

“I want to sire as many children as I can. For those who would want to go to school, we will pray for God’s grace,”.

Kamartum’s three wives said they were not aware of existence and use of contraceptives or family planning measures that could help to regulate the number of children they sire.

“We do not know about family planning. We have never heard about it,” said Kamartum’s first wife.

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