Good Samaritan gifts airport official who lost his job N200,000 after Davido refused to help

A good Samaritan has given an airport official N200,000 after he was sacked from his job for collecting the money Davido gave to him.

The airport official trended sometime ago after Davido gave him $100 at the airport where he worked.

In a recent video that went viral, he was seen begging Davido to help him secure his job. But, Davido declined to help him out. Davido said that, if he help him that people might see him as a clout chaser and he’s not ready for that.

And a good Samaritan who sympathised with him gave him N200,000 for him and his family upkeep pending when he secures another job .

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  1. No blame Davido, helping is a spirit and once your spirit is not connected with someone, it will be had for him to get help from you

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