Woman Sold Crack and Heroin to Raise Money for Honeymoon

A 28-year-old wife-to-be resorted back to selling crack cocaine and heroin” to raise funds for her honeymoon”, a court heard.

Drug-dealing Terrie Renwick was found by an ex-plumber, turned police officer, with her arm down the loo after flushing some drugs on July 16.

According to the Echo report, the quick-thinking cop, traced the drugs through the system and retrieved a total of 220 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine from an external pipe.

Terrie, who was due to get married this month, was found flushing the drugs on the day her sentence for a previous class A drug conviction ended.

Now, instead of walking down the aisle, she has been handed a four-year prison sentence at Liverpool Crown Court, where she appeared via video link on Thursday.

After searching her home they also found a taser kept in a kitchen cupboard. Officers found £125 in her purse and two mobile phones, one in her pocket and one in the front bedroom.

Sarah Griffin, defending, said: “This is an extremely sad situation. She was simply trying to raise funds for her honeymoon and resorted back to drug dealing in an easy way, in her mind, to raise such funds.”

The judge noted that the presence of the weapon in a house which contained drugs made the offence more serious.

Terrie was handed a four-year prison sentence, half of which will be served in prison and half on licence.

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