Landlord Set Tenant Ablaze Over N11,000 Rent

A landlord in Calabar, has set one of his tenants ablaze in her room for owing him N11, 000 rent.

According to reports gathered, that the victim, Mrs. Mary Samuel, met her untimely death on Wednesday when her landlord, David Okon, the owner of house No. 9, Ansa Ewa Street, Cobham Town in Bayside area of Calabar South Council poured petrol inside the room and set it ablaze, with the victim inside.

One of the tenants, simply identified as Obongette, said: “The woman is a fish seller and on Wednesday morning, she went to buy fish at Oron in Akwa Ibom State and when she came back that evening, the landlord asked her to pay the balance of her yearly rent, but she said she did not have any money and should be allowed to sell her fish the next day, so she could raise money to pay the rent.”

“The landlord became infuriated by the woman’s appeal and started accusing her of refusing to pay him the rent and when the woman went to bath, the man poured fuel in the room and after bathing, as she stepped into the room, the man ignited fire, which engulfed the place.”

“As the woman shouted and tried to escape, the man locked the door and when people came to rescue her, he brought out a machete and chased them away, threatening to kill anyone who dared to rescue the burning lady.”

According to Obongette, after the woman died, neighbours in the area mobilised and took her body to the landlord’s apartment and laid it there till the next day before the Police arrived to carry it to the mortuary.

Police came on Thursday afternoon and carried the body and also arrested the man, because we ensured that he did not escape or do any other thing.

DSP Irene Ugbo, the Cross River Police spokesman said the man is in police custody while the corpse has been deposited in the mortuary. “Investigations are going on to unravel what really happened” she stated.

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