Cardi B Explains Why She Filed For Divorce From Offset (Video)

After filing for a divorce from offset, Cardi B, took to Instagram live on Friday to address the issue.

Cardi said, “I’ve seen all the love and prayers you guys have been sending me, however, I don’t really need it. I wanted to let you all know that I have not shed one tear.”

Cardi went further to explain that the reason for their split wasn’t because of Offset infidelity like reports claimed.

She said, “Every single time that this guy has been so crazy, so fucked up and it hits the media, I’m always crying, always sad because I don’t like that type of shit. This time, I wasn’t crying. You want to know why? The reason for my divorce wasn’t because of any of that shit that happened before. It’s not because of cheating. I’ve seen people like, ‘Oh, he has a baby on the way’. That’s a whole fucking complete lie. That’s the second time people are try to pin babies over here. No that’s bullshit.”

She continued, “I just got tired of fucking arguing, I got tired of not seeing things eye-to-eye. When you feel like it’s not just thesame anymore, before you actually get cheated on, I’d rather just leave. Nothing crazy out of this world happened. Sometimes, people really do grow apart.

According to Cardi, the relationship had simply run its course. “I’ve been with this man for four years, I have a kid with this man, I have a household with this man, sometimes, u are just tired of the argument and the build up. You get tired sometimes and before something happens, you leave.

Cardi B and Offset have been married for three years, after tying the knot in 2017.

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