The kogi Central Youthwing of Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria (PFN)calls Cool FM and Nigeria union of journalism (NUJ) organization to sanction daddy freeze over the viral video of insulting the presiding Bishop of living faith church worldwide,Dr.David Oyedepo and using unguarded and vulgar utterances which is against the ethics of journalism.

The controversial journalist has been known for his unguarded utterances, vulgar languages which is against the ethics,norms and principle of journalism.

Having daddy freeze in your reputable organization that is committed to strengthen and revive the moral decadence of the society through enlighment, awareness and other educative programs will surely dent the good image of the cool FM if he is not been sanctioned.

Daddy freeze has been known for insulting men of God and others through unconstructive critizism and he has come short of representing cool FM as a reputable organization known for uprightness which must be reflected in the lives of thier staff.

The Youth body plead the cool FM to relieve the appointment of daddy freeze in order to serve as deterrent to others and to save the good image of the organization.

Daddy freeze as it stands if allowed to continue his job with your organization will surely affect the organization adversely and sink the good reputation of the organization (cool FM) which they have built for years.

We also call Nigeria union of journalism (NUJ) to sanction daddy freeze for not representing the good image of the union through his unguarded utterances, insult and vulgar languages against people.

The union should sanction him in order to save thier image and restore sanctity of the union through ethical and sound moral behavior of thier members

Journalism is a core pillar of any successful and healthy society and it’s members should be brought to order if they err.

We are very hopeful that the cool FM and the Nigeria union of journalism (NUJ) will take appropriate steps in bringing daddy freeze to book.

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One thought on “The Kogi central youth wing of Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has call on cool FM and NUJ to sanction Daddy Freeze for insulting bishop Oyedepo

  1. Jacob Nyiyongo says:

    How do they no the things Freeze do is against the norms and ethics of journalism when it’s not in their field?

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