“Marry a woman that can at least pay NEPA bill” – Lady advises men

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to advise Nigerian men to marry women who can at least pay electricity bill when they are not at home.

The social media user by the name Cynthia Anyisia posted this on Facebook today, September 9 2020 as she urged men to marry a helper.

Cynthia said advised that, Nigerian men when thinking of marriage, should lookout for that lady who can afford to “at least” pay electricity bill in their absence, unlike those who would let power supply to be disconnected and wait for the husband to return so they could tell him “honey they have cut our light”.

Read her post below;

“Marry a woman that can at least pay for Nepa bill. Not the one that will say honey they have cut our light”.

See screenshot of her post below;

Mary who can pay NEPA bill

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