WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, has asserted that he should not be mentioned in the same category as Tyson Fury because he achieved so much in a shorter time frame compared to Fury.

Both heavyweight boxers have reportedly agreed financial terms on a two-fight deal, due to take place next year but Joshua, 30 believes Fury, 32, is ‘five or six years’ ahead of him in boxing terms.

Speaking to newsmen, AJ said: “Being world champion, with all those knockouts, you do feel kind of unstoppable.

“But realistically, in boxing terms, I’m way ahead of where I should be. I’m working at such a quick pace. I shouldn’t even be in a position where I’m mentioned in Tyson Fury’s era.

“He’s five or six years ahead of me in terms of turning professional. In fact, when he was turning pro, I was just putting on my gloves for the first time.”

He cont: Fury became the number one ranked boxer in the heavyweight division after humiliating Deontay Wilder for the WBC title in February, but Joshua says he does not view Fury as a ‘massive threat’.

“Tyson needs educating. All of us athletes do.” Joshua continued.

“We often didn’t go far in school, so a lot of our comments and actions aren’t great. But let’s talk about him as a boxer.

“I don’t find him intimidating and I haven’t seen him do anything in the ring where I think, ‘this guy is going to be a massive threat’.

“He’s talented and he’s awkward, and that’s often enough to get you quite far in life.”


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