Chilling footage captures the moment police acting on a hunch opened a cupboard door at a killer’s flat to discover the atrocities within.

However, the police bodycam cameras captured the officers showing up Zahid Younis’ flat in Canning Town, east London after a friend had reported her missing.

As officers sifted through his deserted house, they were drawn to a cupboard.

Thereafter, the footage captures them picking through clutter before arriving at the scene, where the flat’s gas and electricity meter.

But afterward, the clip ends just as an officer begins to open the door.

During the search, he found a small padlocked chest freezer with items stacked on top of it and flies swarming around it.


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3 thoughts on “A woman remains discovered in a killer’s freezer

  1. Jerry Joseph says:

    See his evil and murderous face…

    1. abuhbaiyeoma says:

      Some people are extremely wicked and heartless

  2. Jacob Nyiyongo says:

    O God of Nazareth! 😲😲

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